May 22, 2024

SD Searchlight

FLANDREAU, S.D.–The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe said Tuesday that its president “informed the governor that a ban from our territories is imminent.”.

The tribe was the only one of nine in the state that hadn’t yet endorsed a ban of Gov. Kristi Noem from its lands.

The banishments began after Noem said during a speech in January that Mexican cartels were operating on Native American reservations. More bans came after Noem said during March town halls in Winner and Mitchell that some tribal leaders are “personally benefitting” from cartels.

Flandreau Santee Sioux tribal members discussed a potential Noem ban Saturday during a meeting that was “contentious at times,” according to the tribe’s news release.

The release said President Tony Reider and Vice President Cyndi Weddell met with Noem on Monday for a conversation that was “respectful and productive.”

But the tribe’s Executive Council continued deliberations Tuesday, the release said, and agreed that Noem’s rhetoric was “ill advised.”