May 16, 2024

The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe has voted to ban Governor Kristi Noem from its lands.

Tribal Chairman Clyde Estes released the news in a statement on Wednesday. He says the governor’s accusation that tribal leaders are personally benefiting from drug cartels operating on reservations is a “blatant misstatement.”

Noem fired back on social media saying, “there is no question the cartels are operating on reservations. The question is why aren’t the Biden Administration or Congress doing anything about it? Banning me does nothing but distract from the crime, drug trafficking, and sex trafficking. Banish the cartels.”

Meanwhile, Governor Noem heads to the U.S.-Mexican border today to visit South Dakota soldiers who are assisting with the construction of a border wall.

Governor Noem will be joined by Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden, Tribal Relations Secretary David Flute, Public Safety Secretary Bob Perry, Tribal Law Enforcement Liaison Algin Young, Representative J.D. Wangness and Senator Mike Walsh.

Noem will be back in Pierre Friday morning holding a press conference to discuss the details of her visit and border security.